Good luck paying NVIDIA’s MSRP for the RTX 3060

Today is a big day for those who are in the market for a new GPU, as NVIDIA releases the RTX 3060. While this brand indicates it will be less powerful than the much-coveted RTX 3070 and RTX 3080, it might be an option to get. Only for those who have an old computer and need to upgrade their graphics hardware.

On paper, at least, it looks like the RTX 3060 might be a good option for those looking to upgrade right away, as it has a $ 329 MSRP and it may not be in high demand as the more powerful RTX 30 – the series of brothers. In reality, though, pushing NVIDIA’s MSRP will be difficult, and not necessarily due to the speculators.

If you look at the listings Best buy or Newge For now, you’ll find that in addition to every card listed as not available, many RTX 3060 options are priced well above $ 329. For example, Best Buy is only offering two RTX 3060 cards at the time of writing, the EVGA XC Gaming model for $ 389.99 and MSI’s Ventus 3X model for $ 499.99.

It gets a little better at Newegg since there are only a handful of 3060 listings at $ 329.99 (Zotac’s Twin Edge model and EVGA’s XC Gaming model to name a few), but there are still quite a few overpriced listings as well. ASUS offers two models – one from TUF Gaming and the other by the ROG Strix brand – for $ 499.99 and $ 519.99, respectively, while Gigabyte’s Gaming OC model is $ 479.99.

With manufacturers hiking prices and speculators ready to grab any available stock, paying NVIDIA’s $ 329 MSRP for the RTX 3060 will be a huge challenge. If you’re going to try, good luck to you, but even the RTX 3060 might be an expensive purchase in an era of GPU scarcity.

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