Gongniu Extension Board (Bull); 4 socket, 1 switch, 3 meter wire

price: 669.00 S.R 507.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 25, 2021 20:06:12 UT – details)

Product Description

Electric Bull Socket – Completely safe electricity the way you want it

Bull is an international electrical appliances company dedicated to technological innovations. The brilliant management system and innovative products in transformers and home power delivery devices provide our customers with a safe and comfortable environment for using electricity, thus improving the quality of life.

We have built an industry-leading R&D and design team to meet the needs of our customers, and have thoroughly investigated it. Fully aware that raw materials influence product quality, we have selected high-quality materials for each product for years. We have adopted strict American and European standards and regulations to ensure quality, and every product must pass more than 300 tests before being approved for marketing.

Bull has established an international standard laboratory that is officially accredited by the US-based professional certification organization UL. After years of growth, its testing center has developed capabilities and methods that live up to China and IEC standards for plugs, sockets and cables, and up to standard testing requirements in 30 countries including the United States, Japan and European countries.

4 Socket + 1 LED Switch

10A / 2500W rating
10,000 cycles on / off test
5000 input test cycles
4 Unversal socket with lock
The length of the wire is 3 meters

A universal socket for all your needs

Integrated copper tape, 0.5 mm thick
High performance polycarbonate material which is strong and impact resistant.
High temperature resistance to prevent fire hazards
very lite

Safety features

Push button with silver dial
(Greater life)

Universal sockets for all kinds of sockets

Rubber-coated 0.75 mm2 copper wire of three cores with 24 threads in each core

Suitable for most home appliances (such as rice cooker, fan, refrigerator, machine and other appliances)
2 year warranty on the product
Made of polypropylene it is lightweight, fireproof and environmentally friendly; Same materials used to make hard luggage
Tested for 10,000 on / off and 5,000 plug insertion cycles

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