“Godzilla vs Kong”, the hit on the other side of the Atlantic that gives hope to the cinema

This morning we talk about the cinema with the success of the moment on the other side of the Atlantic: that of the battle between two giants, Godzilla vs. Kong. We were no longer used to using the word “hit” for a movie premiere.

The duel between Godzilla, this giant radioactive lizard and King Kong, has in fact another bet than the survival of humanity: that of the resurrection of the film industry. Particularly in the United States, then in countries around the world. Obviously, the big difference with many countries, including France, is that you can go to the movies in the United States for several weeks.

In New York, not all theaters are open, but they can be found easily. Must Reserve, respect the distances between spectators and wear the mask. But you can watch a movie very easily. Godzilla vs Kong it raised $ 49 million in revenue in its first week of launch. And this is another encouraging sign towards a return to normal life.

Little competition in dark rooms

If the term success is relative, we must remember that we are talking about a world under coronavirus. If we look at the cost of production, which is $ 160 million, it is not obvious that it is a huge success, even if it should be profitable. Anyway, it’s by far the best number since the start of the epidemic in March 2020. Godzilla vs Kong It is the first major production to come out, while a significant part of Americans are vaccinated: 20% of the population received their two doses, and there are an additional 3 to 4 million people per day who are vaccinated.

However, the success of this great production must be put in perspective because there is hardly any competition. Most studios still wait a bit before releasing their movie. But it shows a desire, a trend. Specialists hope that this summer we will recover 70% of its capacity against the coronavirus. He also relies on envy, lack. The July releases will be a test, including the highly anticipated sequel to Top gun.

Change of strategy for studies

However, the pandemic may have changed habits and affected the film industry. Indeed, Americans have lost the reflex to go to the movies, and the studios especially had to change their strategy. Sometimes they have released their film on platforms, sometimes exclusively, in terms of: Beginning by Christopher Nolan.

Some also released their film simultaneously in theaters and on streaming platforms as was the case with Wonder Woman 1984. Suddenly, Americans got used to the idea that they could now watch a movie on its opening day, at home. Then, 3.5 million people watched Godzilla vs Kong On your computer the first week.

The current revolution is that the big movie studios are now linked to the big phone operators who also own the platforms. Also, promise energy consumers watch a movie on your computer on the day of its premiere at the cinema, it is necessarily an attractive product. That is why it is also important that Godzilla vs Kong make a lot of theater tickets, if you don’t want them to disappear over the years. This is a new problem created by the epidemic.

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