GLIVE (LABEL) Portable Ratchet Belt Bike Towline, Luggage Carriage, Towing Leather, Truck, Cargo, Motorcycle, Lower Belt, Strong 500kg load / 1500kg breaking strength capacity

price: 799.00 S.R – 450.00 QR
(As of January 25, 2021 at 18:25:10 UTC – details)

Maximum binding capacity of the TORIOX brand product: 4 cm – 19 ft (6 m) 500 kg load / 1500 kg shatter-resistant ratchet designed for use with all standard wide harnesses. These tie straps are great for use on pickup trucks, boats and must-haves. The soft polyester webbing will not scratch the car paint. Quick locking ratchet to hold the load in place. Designed for daily use for daily uses such as transporting household appliances, camping and outdoor equipment. Perfect for car scooter, tricycle, tricycle, ATV quad pickup truck or cargo hauling trailer. Advantages of polyester: more UV resistance than nylon or polypropylene. It extends under load much less than nylon or polypropylene, so you only have to tighten the load once. More water resistant than nylon and more abrasion resistant than nylon and polypropylene NOTE: Do not overuse! Do not put on knot straps when in use! Not designed to lift! Keep the tapes away from sharp objects when using!

Belt size: 6 meters long, 4 cm wide
Loading capacity: 500kg, breaking force capacity: 1500kg
High quality synthetic material: Polypropylene, Zinc plated clip. The belt adds strength and durability.
The Multipurpose Ratchet Harness Set is ideal for self-driving travel, outdoor, logistics, luggage straps, also can be used as a harness or tension strap, fastening and fastening goods, camping, and mobile devices.

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