GIZGA Universal Multi-angle Stand and Portable 7-10 Inch Black Cradle for Tablets

price: 499.00 S.R – 155.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 13, 2021 07:22:47 UT – details)

Built-in adjustable and adjustable tablet pc. Compatible with 7-10 ” tablet. Maintains your device at comfortable different reading or viewing angles whether in portrait or landscape view.

Using high-quality environmental engineering plastic materials, effective in reducing travel weight
Joints using automatic spacing device, adjusting angle is not adjusted anywhere, and can be direct which can adjust the angle
The double leg is made of high-efficiency foaming material at the bottom of the anti-slip foam material, using two widths, it can be flat on the table
Also, the tablet problem can only be solved and it can be placed horizontally and not vertically
This stand can open and stand as a tripod to fix the tablet with perfect writing angle, better viewing angle and better viewing effect

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