Giving up a PlayStation 5 game trailer makes two silly mistakes

The abandoned game was just bothered by the folks at Sony for the PlayStation 5 game platform. This game looks shockingly realistic. They went ahead and jumped over Supernatural Canyon – at least here in the trailer – and made it clear that they’re not afraid to work with unsaturated pickup and simple sensitivities to make the entire experience seem like a real nightmare. Then, at about 1:10, they messed up everything.

The trailer vanishes into a chilling jungle scene. Most games refuse to move slowly. Most games wouldn’t dare sit that way, or allow what’s on screen to be extravagant in some way. Video games are usually an escape from reality – most of the time, this idea lends itself to wild and crazy games.

But it is simple here. It’s as if they got into a “simulation” game, raised the reality factor to 10, and turned everything into a horror movie.

They made glimpses of the game in this trailer look real by allowing what has been seen to appear a little blurry, incoherent, and / or unstimulated. Here they have handpicked some scenes that aren’t just the most beautiful arrangements nature has ever created. They picked scenes, if you were wandering around in the woods you wouldn’t think you wanna capture them with your camera.

They have taken a step forward and captured some scenes where nothing happens. Most of the time, the jungle is filled with moments when nothing noteworthy happens. Here’s a fact – that’s part of what makes this look real.

Then they started making mistakes. In about 49 seconds of the video, they clearly show some of what they suggest is graffiti. But the letters are identical – or so close to congruent that they look like a line.

The same situation appears in about 56 seconds of video. There you will find a banner saying “GOD’S TOWN”, spaced neatly apart with identical instances of the letter “O”.

About 1:10 scene depicting a campfire. It really shows how well the remaining work in the jungle looks like this campfire has been set in motion with some kind of basic augmented reality app, and the smoke looks like a small batch of image files.

By the time this game is released later this year, it’s very likely that the folks at Blue Box Game Studios will have enough time to … make the smoke look better, and write what are supposed to be hand-drawn banners … by hand. .

The trailer indicates that this is all a work in progress and does not represent the final quality, after all. It is also suggested in the trailer that the game will release in the last quarter of 2021 – raise your fingers!

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