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Detox diet, paleolithic diet, vegetarian diet, high protein diet, intermittent fasting… For a long time, everyone has been searching for the perfect formula to burn fat and / or stay in good physical condition. Recently the ketogenic diet or English ” ketogenic diet It has joined this great family of diets. In fact, more and more people are embarking on ketogenic diet to lose weight effectively or to sculpt your body to your liking. Some even get famous ketogenic bodytone to accompany this ketogenic diet. But why really adopt this diet that has become so popular in your daily life? How exactly does it act on the body and how to follow it correctly?

The epilepsy behind the ketogenic diet …

Contrary to popular belief, the ketogenic diet is not like others of the same type. En fait, il était devoted to the base aux patients atteints d’épilepsie dans les années 1920. Les traitements classiques ne faisaient pas effet sur les enfants épileptiques et Henry Helmholz et Haddow Keith, deux médecins of the Mayo Clinic ont trouvé cette alternative pour les look after. Eating fat and consuming carbohydrates to a minimum puts the body in what is called a “state of”. ketosis “The body produces large amounts of ketones and it is these that are anticonvulsant.

Based on this experience, it is effective in 70% of cases. And since that day, use of the ketogenic diet has grown steadily. Diabetes, cancer, weight loss … their fields of application are constantly increasing.

Ketogenic diet

How does the ketogenic diet work?

How the ketogenic diet works is simple: keep glucose in the body as low as possible. The more you cut back on carbohydrates, the more resources your body draws, particularly energy from lipids. In other words, the body proceeds to gluconeogenesis. When an individual deprives his body of its initial source of energy, the metabolism adapts and seeks other alternatives to compensate for this lack. Therefore, it will form glucose with fatty acids or amino acids so that the red blood cells can perform their functions correctly.

Unsurprisingly, the ketogenic diet produces huge changes in a person’s body. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once done it will be easier for the body to carry out the gluconeogenesis process from fat deposits when we are not eating anything.

Thanks to this process, the body gradually breaks down the triglycerides or fats consumed, but also those stored in adipose tissue and instead of being toxic, they are converted into energy for the liver. As a result, the insulin level drops considerably and hunger appears less and less. This is how the ketogenic diet helps you lose weight and be healthy.

Regarding the amount of carbohydrates to integrate into your nutrition, for the ketogenic diet, the diet is as follows:

  • 5% carbohydrates (50 g per day maximum).
  • 20% protein.
  • And 75% fat.

Whether you are already following this diet or if you are a beginner, discover with us the basics ofketogenic diet in the following paragraphs.

What foods for the ketogenic diet?

All diets have their rules so that they are really beneficial for the followers. There are foods to favor and others to avoid. the ketogenic diet is no exception to this rule. Therefore, here are non-exhaustive lists of foods authorized and prohibited by the keto wave ketogenic diet.

Authorized foods

As a reminder, lipids are in the spotlight and a must on the ketogenic diet. Therefore, you can, without exaggeration, consume:

Forbidden food

Anything that contains carbohydrates is prohibited in the diet. ketogenic. Namely:

How long does a ketogenic diet last?

Truth be told, the ketogenic diet is more of a lifestyle than a fad diet. But at a minimum, it should continue for three to six weeks. This is the period of time required for the body to condition itself into ketosis. However, the adjustment period is likely to vary from person to person based on multiple criteria (age, gender, environment in which they live, etc.).

Otherwise, in the medical realm, it mainly depends on the prescribing doctor. This can range from a week to years depending on the desired results.

The combination of the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting

Combining the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting? Opinions remain mixed on the combination of these two food trends. Some claim that this combination is only beneficial to the body while others only see the danger it could cause on the horizon.

What is intermittent fasting?

As the name suggests, intermittent fasting, also known as fasting, is an eating method on the same level as the ketogenic diet. The difference stands out on the other hand in the way of proceeding. It consists of alternating fasting and restricted consumption of food for a certain period.

Why combine the two at the same time?

Intermittent fasting combined with the ketogenic diet is beneficial as the combination of the two accelerates and promotes the state of ketosis. On an empty stomach, insulin levels drop and carbohydrate stores drop. This causes the body to burn fat for fuel. And as we saw earlier, the goal of the ketogenic diet is to produce ketone tissue – in other words, to achieve the state of ketosis.

In addition, for those who want to lose weight, nothing better than the combination of these two types of diets. However, this is not for everyone. For example, pregnant and lactating women. They do not have the right to start and in this sense, whatever the diet, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before adopting a certain diet. Especially since they are both very strict.

What are the precautions to take in relation to this diet?

The best available precaution is to consult your doctor before, during, and after this diet. Following the ketogenic diet is not without risks. The first few weeks that you are going to adopt it, your body will undergo big changes and, in most cases, if not all, it is not a picnic. In other words, you will face unwanted effects. Those listed below are just examples of what could happen.

Since the ketogenic diet is very restrictive, it can prevent or cure some diseases, but it can also be the source of other major ailments. Therefore, vigilance is essential.

Ketogenic diet

What to remember!

The ketogenic diet is a diet that is used for multiple reasons: treatment of epilepsy, weight loss, prevention of the most feared diseases such as cancer … The principle on which it is based is at the origin of its success today ‘hui. However, we are all different and its effectiveness remains to be seen. If you feel like trying it, feel free to seek the advice of a dietitian or your doctor.

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