George Floyd’s family received $ 27 million in damages

George Floyd’s family, this black man who suffocated below the knee of a white policeman during his arrest in May 2020, will receive $ 27 million in damages after finding a agreement with the city of Minneapolis (Minnesota)the family’s attorneys announced on Friday, March 12.

“This friendly agreement is the most important in history these United States in a fundamental rights case filed for death attributable to fault, “they explained in a statement.

The family of George Floyd He had filed a civil complaint in June 2020 against the municipality and the four police officers implicated in his death. The criminal trial of one of them began Tuesday in Minneapolis.

On May 25, 2020, four Minneapolis police officers intervened to arrest George Floyd on suspicion of using a fake twenty dollar bill to buy a pack of cigarettes. One of the policemen, Derek Chauvin, had kept his knee on the neck of the black man in his forties, handcuffed and pinned to the ground, for almost nine minutes, despite his pleas and those of bewildered passersby.

Alerted by a video of the drama, crowds took to the streets, from Miami to Los Angeles, but also in London, Paris or Sydney, proclaiming “Black lives matter.”

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