GameSnacks HTML5 Games exits region 120 into Google products

Mobile gaming is a big and lucrative industry these days, but not all mobile users may be interested in battle royals like Fortnite or MOBAs like Mobile Legends and the like. Some may not have phones that can handle these games anyway. Knowing that gamers and games are not limited to specific popular brands and phones, Google has embarked on a journey through its Area 120 beta to bring more lightweight games to mobile via HTML5. These games, known collectively as GameSnacks, now migrate to some Google products to make them easier to discover and play.

The death of Flash might have made some people remember the old flash games that you can play on browsers. The old technology may have disappeared but the idea of ​​games that you can play on any device with a web browser has never died out. Today, we have HTML5 to make that dream a reality and Google is bringing it to Android in a few key places.

HTML5 games aren’t entirely new but finding them has not been easy either. With GameSnacks, Google brings together a bunch of HTML5 games in one place, but even that isn’t enough to get people’s attention to those fun anecdotes. You should still look out for them, assuming you even know where to start.

As with almost any web activity, you can now Get started on Google, Specifically Google Chrome or Google Discover, which will display these ready-to-play games that do not need to be installed. Oddly enough, Google is also adding GameSnacks to Google Pay, which has grown to be more than just a way to move money.

GameSnacks was initially designed to meet the needs of phones with fewer hardware resources and markets with limited internet connectivity. Not surprisingly, then, this offering is limited to a few markets such as India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Kenya. However, Google may have bigger ambitions for HTML5 games and it is spurring more HTML5 game developers to join the promise of monetization options soon.

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