“Galaxy Upcycling at home” from Samsung breathe new life into old devices

Do you have old Samsung devices sitting down to collect dust? Well, a new program from Samsung called “Galaxy Upcycling at Home” will help you find something to do with them. As I mentioned Android Central Samsung officially unveiled the new software at CES 2021 after it was mentioned in 2017.

Although the idea is simple, it can help these devices stay useful, and avoid switching to new electronic waste. The new software will release a software update for Galaxy devices that you are no longer using. The update will allow you to repurpose this device for other purposes around your home.

Breathe new life into your device with Galaxy Upcycling At Home

For example, Samsung gave an example of using an old device as a baby care tool to hear a crying baby. This seems like a fairly simple idea to implement instead of recycling the device or diverting it to a landfill somewhere. Samsung has given some more examples. These other examples are pet care solutions such as turning on the lights when it is dark and your pet is home alone.

The final idea is to use your device for home security purposes with Samsung Knox. These are just some of the ideas Samsung provided as examples.

Reuse your device and reduce e-waste

Of course, there are a lot of other things you can use your old device for. Perhaps you can use an old Galaxy smartphone as a home security camera, or even as a bullet camera. You can simply use the device as a simple gaming device. Android has a lot of really good games to play.

Unfortunately, there is currently no expected time to arrive when the Upcycling features at Home can be used. However, this program definitely has a lot of potential. Although there are many ideas for reusing an old appliance, not many customers consider them. Samsung unveils this program that it is committed to trying to reduce e-waste and more pollution. A lot of companies seem to be going green lately.

Another good thing about the program is that it aims to make repurposing products much more user-friendly. A lot of customers think that when their device is out of date, they should throw it away. Obviously that’s not the truth, and seeing a company the size of Samsung try to cut down on unnecessary waste is a good thing. Hopefully, other companies take a cue from Samsung and offer something similar.

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