From what age do our neighbors get vaccinated with AstraZeneca?

Brussels can be reassuring, most European countries still play the card of caution, even mistrust, against the AstraZeneca vaccine. However, on Wednesday 7 April, the European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, asked them to coordinate and “speak with one voice throughout the EU to reinforce public confidence in vaccination”.

On the same day, the “27” met to discuss European Medicines Agency (EMA) findings confirming the link between AstraZeneca serum and rare cases of blood clots. However, the European regulator has stated that the benefits of the vaccine from the Swedish-British laboratory outweigh the risks, and thatno specific risk factors, such as age, were identified.

However, several European states have already decided to restrict its use according to age criteria, which vary from one country to another.

Not recommended for the little ones.

Germany Therefore, the use of the product is discouraged for children, reserving it for people over 60 years of age. In the same way Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. In France, the Haute Autorité de santé has recommended that it be reserved for people over 55 years of age. On Wednesday, following the EMA ruling, Belgium also announced its reservation for this age category.

For its part, the British government on Thursday made an effort to reassure the population about the safety of vaccines, after announcing that AstraZeneca’s serum against Covid-19 would be reserved for people over 30 years old as a precautionary measure in the country. All vaccines used in the UK are ‘safe for all ages’, But because of the “extremely rare” risk of a blood clot, those under 30 will also be offered the Moderna or Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine.

Information about possible serious, even extremely rare, side effects has helped fuel the distrust of the public seeking vaccination, some of whom avoid centers that offer AstraZeneca doses or turn to other available vaccines.

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