French woman stranded in Morocco speaks of “conflicting information”

Morocco suspended last week, and until further notice, all passenger flights to and from Spain and France. The announcement prompted a large number of flights to the airports for the last authorized flights.

Therefore, Paris and Madrid rent special planes and ferries to repatriate their thousands of citizens stranded in Morocco. However, the people trapped in the country bear witness to a true “galley” to be able to join France. This is the case of Shérazade, a nurse from Nice, who still hopes to return. He left for Casablanca on March 26 for the funeral of a loved one.

We all have completely contradictory information, “he explains.. “For the consulate there are repatriation flights, but actually what is planned in Air France, there are none. At the consulate, they ask us to register on lists and they call us as a measure, in particular for the ferry that is due to leave on April 10, “he continues. “Today, I still haven’t received a call from the consulate.”

Some 3,000 Spanish “tourists” and almost 4,000 French “tourists” have been identified throughout the kingdom, where travel has been theoretically limited for several months due to the pandemic.

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