free beer to encourage youth to get vaccinated

Objective: to encourage young Israelis to get vaccinated. A bar in Tel Aviv came up with the idea of ​​offering a beer, pizza or candy to anyone who agrees to receive a serum against the coronavirus within its establishment, explains the regional newspaper Western france. Dan Goldschmidt, the owner of this bar, believes that people “feel a lot less against vaccines when they feel good.”

This device was launched in collaboration with a hospital and the Israeli Red Cross. Has already made it possible to vaccinate more than 2,200 young people in a single weekend, report The confidential, transmitted by Businees Insider. An initiative, supported by the authorities, that has inspired other establishments throughout the country.

Keep in mind that many young Israelis are reluctant to take anti-Covid vaccines, in a country where 75% of new cases of contamination affect people under the age of 39. Only 30% of eligible teens have been vaccinated, according to data from the Israel Coronavirus Information Center.

However, the vaccination campaign is paying off : On Friday, February 26, the Ministry of Health announced that 4.65 million Israelis (out of 9.29 million inhabitants) had received a first dose, more than half of the population. The two injections of the Pfizer / BioNTech serum were given to 35% of the population, with a rate higher than 85% in people 70 years and older, according to official figures.

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