Founder of New Fortress Energy invites PM

New Fortress Energy founder Mr. Wes Edens met Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to discuss investment opportunities in the tourism, energy, transportation and infrastructure sectors in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Edense, who is on a short visit to Sri Lanka, has expressed his interest in investing in clean, renewable, affordable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy sources.

He also showed great interest in potential investment opportunities in the fields of transportation (railways), tourism and hospitality.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and Mr. Edens discussed areas in the tourism sector that could be further developed.

The introduction of theme parks and the conversion and renovation of buildings of historic value into hotels to boost tourism in the region were a few of the potential areas they agreed had room for development.

The development of new energy sources, the conversion of existing power stations into hydrogen energy and the further development of wind power plants in Sri Lanka to harness more power generation were also discussed.

Mr. Edense has also expressed his interest in assisting with the development of railways in Sri Lanka.

Among the attendees were Mr Wes Edens (CEO of New Fortress Energy), the delegation, Minister of State for Finance, Capital Market and Government Enterprise Reform, Ajith Nevard Cabral and the Prime Minister’s Secretary, Mr Jamini Senarat.

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