Fortnite’s official Season 6 image accidentally leaked on Xbox

The unofficial leaks are fun, but there’s nothing exciting like an occasional early posting of official content. We’ve seen it happen a few times on It is an electronic gameThe date and the latest leak are no exception. Xbox apparently posted by main mistake It is an electronic game Chapter 2 – Season 6 early, giving fans a tantalizing view of the season that is only days away.

The image itself doesn’t reveal much – it’s the Battle Bus and It is an electronic game Logo. However, players have been mesmerized by the torn yellow and orange stripes included in the background, hinting at the theme of next season. According to trusted game facility HYPEX, the image appeared early on Xbox.

Despite its mild nature, the picture is a sexy leak due to how little we know about what will come in Season 6. Epic kept a tight cover on things this time and the leaks were, until now, more than wild speculation without a clear story or topic.

What we know most about the upcoming sixth season of the game comes from Epic itself, which recently published a number of details about how the current season will end and the next season will begin. Starting March 16th, players will experience their first singles game It is an electronic game Narrative play.

Epic has also promised that fans will soon see the game’s most “cinematic” event yet – although it’s unclear if it will happen on March 15, the final day of Season 5, or on March 16, the first day of Season 6. . In Epic’s jargon, it looks like the action could take off next season.

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