Fortnite’s latest crossover game adds two Street Fighter iconic characters

The It is an electronic game Chapter 2 – The transition from the fifth season is not over yet. Epic has just snatched the covers of its two hunters, who are two iconic characters from the popular fighting game Street Fighter. The company revealed a teaser for Agent Jonesy’s podcast, then immediately posted a reveal announcement, giving players a look at both new genres.

It didn’t take long for Epic to go from the excitement of the latest crossover to its release – as such, we have a soundtrack of Agent Jonesy and an official trailer for the release, which shows the agent appearing in the old Street Fighter game, portraying two characters in It is an electronic game The dimension.

The audio record includes a conversation between Agent Jonesy and some unidentified enemies who, depending on the dialogue, are trying to fight with It is an electronic game Letter. Anyone familiar with the Street Fighter world will instantly recognize the references to the games.

Join this podcast is a new half-minute trailer featuring Agent Jonesy in the Street Fighter arcade as he sends the fighters Ryu and Chun-Li to Battle Royal Island. This makes the two characters the newest “hunters” of the season.

Street Fighter skin is not available in It is an electronic game Item Shop at this time and Epic has not released the trailer or skin images on its Twitter account. It’s unclear if the launch trailer was launched early or not, but regardless, Ryo and Chun Lee will arrive soon.

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