Fortnite ‘Ultra Level’ Battle Pass rewards revealed up to Level 225

If you are a hardcore It is an electronic game For a player above the standard 100 Battle Pass, Season 6 comes with a special treat: Ultra Leveling. That’s Epic’s term for reaching levels above the standard 100, giving players the opportunity to reach 225 – and unlock special rewards exclusive to Elite Levels.

I played every match It is an electronic game Players are rewarded with XP. Once enough XP has been gained, the player rises to the next level – which, if you have the Battle Pass, unlocks rewards. Historically speaking, reaching level 100 will unlock all rewards, including the ultimate skin. Players can complete additional challenges to unlock skin variants and more.

This current chapter 2 – Season 6 is the first to be allowed It is an electronic game Players To go beyond 100 Standard Levels and proceed to Super Leveling to get additional rewards. If you are one of the players who have reached these elite levels, you will unlock special modes for Spire Assassin, Tarana, and Raz.

Battle Pass levels will unlock from 110 to 150 Chromium Tarana, Raz, and Spire Assassin skins. You’ll need to reach level 200 to get the three Runic versions of these skins, which feature bright purple rune-like characters, and up to level 225 to unlock the golden skin variants, which include runes.

Of course, reaching these levels will require a great deal of grinding. To make things easier, players should focus on completing in-game missions, which often reward players with thousands or tens of thousands of experience points at a time, making it easier to level up. However, the amount of XP needed to continue progressing increases as you progress, so you should plan to set aside some time for the game.

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