Fortnite shows how much money you spent on the game

Fortnite It has been around for four years now, and a few years of them have included such a high level of popularity. The game is free to play with monetization in the form of the Battle Pass and optional items from the Item Shop, including skins, cosmetics, sound, and emotes. If you’ve been playing the game for a while and are wondering how much you’ve spent, a new tool will give you the answer.

The new tool comes from, which is a non-Epic Games website. Site recently Added capacity To log into It is an electronic game Calculate and view your account’s game cabinet, including statistics on the number of V-Bucks your account is valued with. If you’ve been playing for a while, you might be shocked at how much you spent.

However, V-Bucks do not translate directly into real dollar value, and remember that your locker likely contains items purchased with free V-Bucks provided as part of the Battle Pass, in addition to the rewards and free gifts you received from other players. However, based on your history, you should be able to estimate approximately how much you have spent on the game.

It appears that at this point, has disabled the login feature after Epic responded to comments about the tool, suggesting players who used the feature reset their passwords and enable two-factor authentication. Epic itself does not provide any official tools to easily verify your account statuses.

It’s unclear if the feature will return in the future, but monitor the site or its Twitter account for any news about whether the feature has been restored. Meanwhile, you can use to easily browse the battle royale island map, switch between location of items and wildlife, and view where you need to go to quickly complete challenges.

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