Fortnite Season 6 teaser details: Tied File, Dire Wolves, Zero Point

We are only two days away from launch It is an electronic game Chapter 2 – Season 6, and with it a number of huge changes to come – at least based on Epic’s teasing. The company previously released frequently asked questions about the upcoming season, including its release date on March 16 and how the end of Season 5 will turn into Season 6. Now the company is back with a decent teaser, and the bunch of tips is mixed.

The players were anxiously waiting for the arrival It is an electronic game Season 6, which has been expertly concealed. Unlike the past two seasons, which have seen major leaks, little is known about what Epic plans for the next battle royale season regardless of what it revealed on its own.

We know based on last week’s frequently asked questions that the start of Season 6 will bring a narrative experience to one player, a first for a battle royale game. Likewise, Epic promised that fans would expect its most “cinematic” experience to date, although it remains unclear how the series will end. It seems that everything planned will link the end of Season 5 with Season VI, with the possibility of the “big event” occurring at the start of next season.

The terrible wolves have finally arrived

With those details out of the way, Epic has finally dropped a proper end-of-game teaser that appears to include details about what players can expect from the upcoming season. Do you remember those “terrible wolves” we heard months ago? Looks like they’ll finally arrive It is an electronic game With the sixth season.

In case this particularly baffling leak is forgotten, here’s the summary: Back in December 2020, game streamer Tabor Hill – who had previously leaked major new changes of the time like sharks – revealed that Epic was likely planning to add wolves or some kind of similar species. The beast of the game.

This leak indicates that Wolves will arrive in Season 5, which clearly hasn’t happened. However, Epic’s new teaser video (in the tweet above) includes small images, one of which features what appears to be some kind of werewolf creature. This suggests Hill was right to leak it, he simply missed the season.

Agent Jones is in trouble

The It is an electronic game The teaser video for Season 6 focuses on Agent Jones, as he navigates the various realities of bringing Hunters to the Royal Battle Island. It appears Agent Jones has been betrayed in some way – he needs access to a restricted file that he cannot access.

As his frustration grows, Agent Jones shouts:

We lost control of Zero Point, do you understand what that means? You shouldn’t because you are doing nothing. I dedicated my life to the system. You have been given everything. Why? To just sit back and watch the end of reality? This is not what we are!

At least, that’s not who I am. Not anymore.

The conversation indicates that it may not care about the coming disaster – or perhaps it played a role in triggering it.


The Order, according to Agent Jones’ recent reality record, has lost complete control of Zero Point, which means it’s possible to say that the next season 5 to season 6 transition event will likely revolve around Zero Point. Even more interesting is Johnny’s new “rogue agent”, who hints that he may play the main role in saving reality from destruction.

This may relate to the single-player narrative event that players will experience with the release of Season 6 – we will probably all play Agent Jones as he scrolls through the broken reality and pulls out what is necessary to achieve the next round of changes.

The single-player experience will be available to all players when they first log into the game in Season 6, so you don’t have to worry about being able to play at a specific time. It is an electronic game Chapter 2 – Season 6 arrives March 16th.

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