Fortnite Season 6 in detail: The four biggest changes (so far)

Today marks a launch Fortinet Chapter 2 – Season 6, the season we know now is officially called “The Primitive”. The season was largely a surprise thanks to the complete lack of major leaks, which made it as exciting as it was surprising. Logging into the game for the first time will offer you a single player experience, but what can you expect when that is over?


Once upon a time, the weapons I found on Battle Royale Island were the weapons I was stuck with. That changed the first time with the introduction of the Bench upgrade, which allowed users to trade in resources in exchange for weapon upgrades.

Soon the upgrade seats were removed and replaced with updated NPCs, which can upgrade your weapons for gold bars. Things have changed again, and in the biggest way so far: It is an electronic game Now a suitable formulation system. With this, users can upgrade weapons using the mechanical parts and bones collected while playing.

the hunt

The It is an electronic game The island is now a primitive place, so it makes sense for players to use rudimentary tactics to stay alive. Weapons are now largely “temporary” weapons grouped together from different parts, those weapons that you can upgrade through manufacturing – which, as mentioned earlier, require parts. Mechanical parts are obtained by crushing compounds.

Meanwhile, bones are obtained by hunting animals or, when possible, trading gold with selected NPCs for four bones. New hunting ability is joined by a new battle royale arc – which players guessed correctly based on a small picture included in the previous Epic teaser video. The bow can be upgraded to explosives but is distinctly different from the boom bow.

Meat and bones

Meat and bone are two unique items that players can now get and carry. As mentioned, bones are gained from trade and hunting; They are used to upgrade weapons. How about meat? This new item is also collected by hunting wild animals, but with a different purpose: you can use meat to tame wolves, another plus It is an electronic game.

Epic also raises wild boars on its officials It is an electronic game Website, while the island is now home to chickens, which are prey animals used to lure predators. Epic goes on to point out that more fearsome predators will also arrive, but it looks like they’re destined for a future update.

New points of interest

As you certainly noticed by now, all It is an electronic game Battle Royale Island has been redesigned; Buildings and other structures are now primitive (except for cars of course), there’s a huge tower in the middle of the map, and the center appears to be in perpetual fall.

Many of the locations remain the same, but Chapter 2 – Season 6 has added three new Points of Interest (POIs): Boney Burbs, Colossal Crops, and The Spire. As with the last few seasons of the game, these new territories are highlighted in gray on the Battle Royale Island map; You will need to visit each area to uncover it.

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