Fortnite Reboot a Friend returns with the promise of free rewards

Epic Games brought back “Reboot a Friend,” which, despite its name, has nothing to do with the reboot trucks. Instead, Epic encourages players to become former It is an electronic game Players return to the action by offering them free rewards for playing. How do you participate and get rewards?

Rebooting a friend is simple: Search your Friends list and find three people who haven’t played It is an electronic game Within 30 days or more. Send invitations to these friends to play, and if you accept them, you’ll earn points to unlock free rewards.

You will get 100 points to start with after playing your first match with a friend who has restarted; Every game that is played afterwards with one of those friends who replays will earn you an additional 10 points. Points can then be redeemed to unlock available rewards, including Toxic Flash Glider, Plasma Carrot Pickaxe, Heartbeat Wrap, and Reboot a Friend Spray.

You can find your potential ‘reboot’ team by heading to // Restart a friend’s site And log into your Epic account. Once logged in, you will see a dashboard where you can “restart” three friends who have not played for at least 30 days (the tool will find them).

Once they accept the invite, you’ll be able to kick-start the match and start playing to earn points. The latest “Replay A Friend” event will be available until April 26th, after which time the free rewards will no longer be available. You can also participate if you don’t have any friends you can replay, but you will lose the initial 100-point bonus.

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