Fortnite Nexus War Event Confirmed: History and What We Know

Epic Games has finally confirmed details for the upcoming “Nexus War” event at It is an electronic game, One that will conclude the Marvel crossover with Galactus’ arrival on the royal battle island. This event is expected to be massive and based on some leaks, it could spell yet another change for the island.

Epic tweeted a confirmation of the Nexus War event on Sunday, November 22, and revealed that it will take place at 4 PM ET on December 1. Players have only days left to finish their challenges and unlock all Battle Pass items before they disappear.

As expected, players will have to work together to “save the island,” and although Epic doesn’t say much, it’s because Galactus is making his way to the battle royal island. The super villain had been visible in the battle royal skies for weeks, slowly approaching.

Galactus is, of course, known as “ devouring realms ” in the Marvel universe, sparking rumors that Epic is planning to ditch another island and replace it with another for season five. The company has not confirmed whether this will happen. It happens of course, but the idea is not without reason.

Epic’s tweet indicates that players themselves will be tasked with helping to fight Galactus, suggesting that this may be a more interactive event than previous ones – but this has yet to be confirmed. The company will likely be dropping additional event teasers in the coming days through December 1st.

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