Fortnite FNCS All-Star Showdown Unveiled, $ 3 Million

Epic has announced an upcoming movie It is an electronic game The championship, as well as how it will deal with its competitive chain this season in light of the major changes introduced to the game. Among other things, Epic says Arena Hype from the previous season will move into Season 6 so that every player can have experience competing against players in the same rankings while mastering crafting and wildlife.

The It is an electronic game The FNCS Season 6 All-Star Championship has been revealed as part of Epic’s Season 5 Competitive Summary. The company acknowledges that the addition of crafts and wildlife hunting will change the way competitive events are played and players will need some time to get used to these changes.

For this reason, Epic will spin Arena Hype before it is reset on March 23, giving players the opportunity to learn about the changes while still competing with people of similar skill levels. The company describes the period March 16-23 as a competitive introductory period.

As for the all-star showdown, Epic says this The tournament will take place from June 23-26 and include a prize pool of $ 3 million. The tournament will include a “ non-Battle Royale team-based competition, ” according to Epic, as well as skill challenges and a one-on-one tournament.

Players will need an invitation to compete in the event; These calls will be based on their final standings from the previous season or from Season 6 FNCS, depending on the player. The company promises to return with more details about the event later this year as June approaches.

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