Fortnite Creative Games may soon support up to 50 players

Maybe Epic is planning to introduce a specialty It is an electronic game Change the creative mode, which will make certain types of games more fun. The new detail comes from game data miners who have found evidence that creative matches will soon support more players – up to 50 players at a time, at least based on some game codes.

It is an electronic gameCreative Mode remains one of its most popular offerings. Unlike battle royale mode and LTMs, Creative lets players create their own worlds or play games on worlds created by other players. Creative keeps the game’s sense of freshness and provides players with an opportunity to practice their skills.

The new discovery was found after the 15.50 game update released yesterday. Has bad reputation It is an electronic game Data Miner HYPEX was published shortly after Epic was “considering” to release a beta for up to 50 Creative Games players, a major change that will give creators more opportunities to dream about new experiences.

If you feel you’ve heard this news before, you probably have: Nearly a year ago, That Denver Guy posted a tweet with a game icon indicating that Creative mode will have support for up to 50 players. Although this change has yet to happen, it appears that a switch may finally be on the horizon.

Of course, questions remain about how successful this will be. Team Rumble matches have been known to falter over time due to overbuilding and anyone who played the latest Death Run LTM would likely have experienced the extreme game lag that occurred when dozens of traps exploded at the same time.

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