forced to parade naked by defendants on Facebook

Five brothers were arrested in India for forcing a man to parading naked through the streets of his city, to punish him for having them accused on facebook involvement in criminal activity, local police said Wednesday.

According to the police, man, 38 years old, had been kidnapped by the brothers on Tuesday, then beaten and coerced by 45 minutes to parade, naked as a worm, through the streets of the city of Khambhaliya, in the state of Gujarat (west), the home state of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“An investigation revealed that the victim (…) regularly stream live videos to FacebookPolice spokesman Hirendra Chaudhary told Agence France-Presse.

“On Sunday, in a video broadcast live on Facebook, the man made serious accusations against the five brothers saying they were involved in criminal activities“, he clarified.

Many charges

The brothers were charged with unlawful confinement, assault, use of force with the intent to dishonor a person, criminal conspiracy, obscenity, among other crimes.

The local police added that the victim had been convicted on several occasions for crimes related to gambling and alcohol, prohibited activities in Gujarat.

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