Foods to choose for a good night’s sleep

Sleep disorders are generally caused by an improper diet for dinner. However, it is essential to get a good night’s sleep to have more energy when you wake up and less anxiety in the day to day. Therefore, it is advisable to favor certain foods. But what is the link between diet and sleep? What foods to eat at night to sleep well ? We will explain everything to you.

The importance of diet to sleep

The composition of the dinner influences sleep, as it ensures hormonal balance. The higher the serotonin level, the easier it will be to fall asleep. This neurotransmitter is synthesized to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone. This brings a restful and restorative sleep essential to the body. Therefore, it is necessary to promote foods that promote sleep.


What are the foods that promote sleep?

Difficulty falling asleep, night awakenings, feeling tired when waking up… All these problems are due in large part to a lack of serotonin. The effect of insufficient serotonin in sleep it is usually insomnia. It is also a common disorder among the French. Then, whateat before sleep ? which are the ?

Foods rich in tryptophan

Tryptophan is a sleeping amino acid, because it produces serotonin and melatonin through chemical mechanics. Eating foods rich in melatonin and in tryptophan, its concentration in blood is improved. However, the effects of consuming tryptophan in the morning or evening in the dream they remain unchanged. In fact, this amino acid would always promote better quality sleep, whether it is consumed for breakfast or dinner.

It is usually found in brown rice, corn, poultry, fish, soy protein, peanuts, etc. However, these foods contain other amino acids that can limit the flow of tryptophan to the brain. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for foods rich in tryptophan. sleeping amino acids – and low in amino acids, like buttermilk and pumpkin seeds. One scientific study even found that consuming whey in the evening would improve alertness in the morning.

Nutrient-dense foods

Essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins help meet all the body’s needs. When one of these components is missing, sleep may not be pleasant. Also, contrary to popular belief, taking magnesium at night does not impede sleep, even if mineral absorption is at its highest during sleep phases.

If you suffer from insomnia, you should have a blood test to determine which nutrients are deficient. Nutrient-dense foods include: green leafy vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts, lean meat, fish, and low-fat dairy products.

The fruits

Nuts, dates, apples, figs, cantaloupe, bananas … have a moderate or high glycemic index. That promotes sleep. These sleepy fruits bring many benefits. For example, the action of apple in dream It is the prevention of disorders thanks to its richness in phosphorus.

A high glycemic index level is also found in canned fruits, fruit compotes, or fruit juices. Associated with its content of vitamins and minerals, they would effectively fight against nutritional deficiencies.


What to eat at night to sleep well? Legumes are carbohydrate-rich foods that are slowly metabolized. Which gives them a sedative effect. These are the lentils, chickpeas, or even dried beans. For maximum effect, combine them with vegetables or whole grains.

What foods should not be eaten at night?

To know what to eat at night before going to bedHere are the foods to avoid.

The meats

Meats are rich in protein. However, a protein meal promotes dopamine production, which prevents the body from getting enough sleep. These are cold cuts, bacon, bacon, breaded or fried chicken, meat-based sauces, buttered meats, or cream sauce.

Other protein-rich foods such as cheese and fried eggs should also be excluded from the nighttime diet. the Gluten-free, protein-rich organic natural tofu is an alternative to meat.

Fatty and spicy foods

The body needs a low enough temperature to enter a deep sleep. However, fatty and spicy foods prolong digestion and raise body temperature. These are usually fried foods and breadcrumbs, cookies, cakes, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and all dishes flavored with ginger, pepper, paprika, chili, etc.

The effect of sugar in sleep it is a disturbance that causes frequent nocturnal awakenings.

Fat and spicy


Caffeine is an excellent stimulant of the nervous system since it blocks the action of adenosine and prevents the secretion of melatonin, and therefore serotonin. However the serotonin promotes sleep. Foods that contain caffeine are coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, carbonated and energy drinks.

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