first federal execution of a woman since 1953

This is the first time in almost 70 years: A woman was executed this Wednesday, January 13, in the state of Indiana in the United States. No federal execution of a woman had been carried out since 1953.

“Lisa Montgomery, 52, was executed at the Terre-Haute Federal Penitentiary,” the Justice Department said in a statement. His death, caused by lethal injection, was observed at 01:31 (0631 GMT). The Supreme Court had given the green light to the execution earlier in the evening, rejecting the final appeals of the convict’s lawyers, despite the disagreement of three progressive justices.

On Monday night, a federal judge had ordered his execution postponed, the time to assess his mental state. “Mrs. Montgomery is so far removed from reality thatshe cannot rationally understand the administration’s motive for her execution“Judge Patrick Hanlon later estimated. However, the Supreme Court, largely reworked by Donald Trump, validated the execution, the first in 68 years.

In fact, in 1953, Bonnie Brown Heady and Ethel Rosenberg were the last women to be federally executed. The first for kidnapping and murder and the second for espionage, the US media recall.

Serious mental disorders stemming from a nightmarish childhood

Regarding Lisa Montgomery, she had killed an eight-month pregnant woman in 2004 to steal her baby. Unable to have a new child, the then 36-year-old American had contacted her victim via the Internet. Bobbie Jo Stinnett was a dog breeder in Missouri, so Montgomery showed up at her home on the pretext of buying him a terrier.

In fact, once there Lisa Montgomery had strangled her victim before opening her uterus and robbing her son. The murderer will be sentenced to death in 2007 in Missouri. His lawyers had insisted on the serious mental disorder that Lisa Montgomery suffered. In fact, the latter had been raped in a meeting during her childhood and had been prostituted by her mother.

Supporters of Lisa Montgomery also made a request for clemency, to no avail. Donald Trump, a fervent supporter of capital punishment, ignored this request. In a statement, the convict’s attorney, Kelley Henry, called this new execution “cruel”, referring to “the bloodlust of a bankrupt administration”.

A maximum of executions before leaving power

Indeed, after a 17-year hiatus, federal executions resumed in July 2020 and have occurred at a rate never seen in the United States ever since. Since the summer, ten Americans have received lethal injections in Terre-Haute. Additionally, the Trump administration plans to execute two black men this week: Corey Johnson on Thursday and Dustin Higgs on Friday.

Here again a fierce legal battle is waged. A federal court has ruled to postpone his execution for several weeks because the two men have the coronavirus. For their part, the former prison guards asked the Ministry of Justice to suspend these executions “until prison staff are vaccinated”, due to the large number of people mobilized during an execution.

If because of the epidemic, American states, including the very repressive Texas, have suspended executions for several months, the Trump administration is moving against the current and He shows his determination to execute as many convicts as possible before leaving power. A crazy decision for Democratic Senator Dick Durbin.

Joe Biden wants to ban capital punishment at the federal level

“In the final hours of the Trump presidency, there is a mad race to execute the people who are on death row for years or even decades. This is crazy, “he denounced in NPR. The senator also announced the introduction of a law aimed at end federal executions. A law that could well be passed when Joe Biden takes office.

In fact, Democrats have regained control of the Senate and the president-elect, who will take office on January 20, is totally opposed to the death penalty. Joe Biden has already promised to work with Congress to ban it at the federal level.

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