Final Fantasy VII Remake leads a massive PlayStation Plus rally

Yesterday, Sony revealed it Final Fantasy VII remake He will get an upgrade on the PS5 later this year. This comes as a little surprise – Final Fantasy VII remake It was one of the biggest PS4 games of 2020, and given that the new version is not yet complete, we’ll definitely see a follow up on PlayStation 5. After yesterday’s announcement, it was revealed. Final Fantasy VII remake It will be the main game in what appears to be a very solid run for PlayStation Plus.

Sony has revealed a set of four games that will be available on PlayStation Plus next month. In addition to Final Fantasy VII remake, PS4 users will also get The rest: from the ashesA survival shooter game up to three players can make their way cooperatively. PS5 users, meanwhile, we’ll get a puzzle game called MaketSo Sony sticks to this trend of introducing PlayStation 5 alongside other titles every month.

Even PlayStation VR owners will get a new game next month with Farpoint Through PlayStation Plus. It’s rare to see Sony deliver four games through PlayStation Plus, and that number goes up to five when you remember Destroy all stars On PlayStation 5 it’s still free by PlayStation Plus for April.

Unfortunately, there is one big caveat to heed Final Fantasy VII remake. While the game is free to keep as long as you stay subscribed to PlayStation Plus, like all other PS Plus games, you won’t be able to upgrade the PlayStation 5 version of the game when this upgrade comes in the pipeline this summer. If you plan to take advantage of this upgrade, you will need to purchase the PS5 version separately.

Given that the PlayStation 5 is a hard-to-find product at the moment, it may not matter to many people, but it is something to consider if you envision a PlayStation 5 in your future. In any case, all of these games will be published on PlayStation Plus at the beginning of March and will be available until April 5th.

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