Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade Revealed for PS5: All the Details

As part of its State of Play broadcast today, Sony revealed gameplay footage from Final Fantasy VII: Intergrid remake, By comparing the updated PS5 graphics to the remake Players get PlayStation 4. The graphics update includes a noticeable increase in game lighting, as well as improvements in quality of life and more.

Final fantasy Fans have been expecting the new release of PlayStation 5 for a while – it is set to hit shelves on June 10, 2021, providing a “visually enhanced” experience with a better look than ever before at the classic title. As expected, Sony included a preview of the upgraded graphics in their broadcast status today.

Fans can expect Final Fantasy VII: Intergrid remake To include an all-new episode that tasks players to infiltrate Shinra as Yuffie Kisaragi. The new content will join quality-of-life improvements that take advantage of the upgraded devices, including support for 4K / 60fps gameplay, faster upload speeds, and the addition of a new picture mode.

If you were a former PS4 owner you purchased the Final Fantasy VII: Remake For an older console, you’ll be able to download a Intergrid The version is free for PlayStation 5. However, the new episode featuring Yuffie will come at an additional cost.

Check out the video above to see the trailer for Yuffie’s new episode; Meanwhile, the State of Play streaming video below provides a side-by-side graphics comparison between the older PS4 release and the upcoming PlayStation 5 release.

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