Filipino dies after doing 300 squats for breaking curfew

In Rodrigo Duterte’s Philippines, people don’t mess with sanitary measures. A 28-year-old man learned it the hard way. On Thursday, Darren Manaog Peñaredondo was detained in the suburbs of Manila for violating the current curfew in that country, which has faced a spike in Covid-19 cases since early March.

Released the next morning, the young man is the first forced by the police to do 300 squats, physical exercise that consists of squatting by bending the legs before getting up. A very difficult punishment that Darren will not survive.

His girlfriend testifies to the New York Times. “He told me he fell while doing the exercises, “he said.” He had difficulty walking when he got home. When he went to the bathroom he turned blue and had seizures ”. Darren died moments later.

“A form of torture”

More of Currently, 24 million residents of Metro Manila, the capital region, and four neighboring provinces are confined. And to enforce the restrictions, authorities in the Philippines, struggling to contain new cases of Covid-19, are increasingly using force.

Cristina Palabay, who heads an association for the defense of rights, assures the American newspaper that this punishment inflicted by the police on Darren was equivalent to “a cruel and inhuman form of torture.” Pending the results of the investigation, the two policemen behind this fatal “correction” have been suspended.

This is not the first time during this health crisis that Philippine police officers have been criticized for having raped civilians. “Last year, a former soldier who suffered from mental problems was shot and killed while trying to cross a checkpoint” of the Covid-19, recalls the New York Times.

And in April 2020, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had asked the police to shoot down anyone at the source of the “riots” in the confined regions.

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