Facebook starts categorizing all vaccine posts to fight viral false claims

New York: Facebook, criticized by lawmakers and researchers for allowing misleading information about vaccines to be posted on its platforms, said it has begun adding stickers to publications discussing vaccine safety and will soon name all posts about vaccines. .

The social media company said in a blog post that it is also launching a tool in the US to give people information about where to get their Covid-19 vaccines and add the Covid-19 information zone to its Instagram photo-sharing site.

False allegations and plots about coronavirus vaccines have spread on social media platforms during the pandemic.

Facebook and Instagram, which recently tightened their policies after adopting a laissez-faire approach to vaccine misinformation, remain home to large accounts, pages and groups promoting false claims about shots and can be easily found through keyword searches.

Facebook’s head of products, Chris Cox, said in an interview that the company has taken viral false allegations “seriously,” but said there is a “huge gray area of ​​people with concerns … some might call it misinformation and some would call it others” Suspicion. “

“The best thing to do in that huge gray area is to just show up with reliable information in a useful way, participate in the conversation and do it with health experts,” he added.

The company said it was placing posters on Facebook and Instagram discussing the safety of Covid-19 vaccines with text saying that vaccines undergo safety and efficacy tests before they are approved.

In the blog post, she also said that since expanding the list of banned false claims about coronavirus and vaccines in February, she has removed an additional 2 million pieces of content from Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook said it has also implemented temporary measures including limiting access to content from users who frequently share content that its fact-checkers have described as false.

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