Facebook launches a new page experience with a massive redesign

Facebook launched a new redesigned page experience for its various platforms. The company owns Advertise Changed in the hope that it would allow creatives and companies to create transitions more easily.

In terms of new features and updates, it has been an uncharacteristically quiet month or so for Facebook. Of course, the company has found itself in the new for a myriad of other reasons related to misinformation and data usage, but in terms of innovations for its platforms, it has remained silent.

Most recently, the company started rolling out its own dark mode, but that was way back in November. This annoyed many users because it was only available to a limited number of users as part of testing.

Before that, in October, we saw Facebook launch its cloud gaming service. For many Facebook, the launch of its game streaming service was a surprise. However, after many other companies also started occupying the same space as Amazon and Google, Facebook’s decision became less of a concern.

This new page experience appears to be a general redesign focused on allowing businesses and creatives with better tools to grow their communities.

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Facebook launches new pages re-design

The first thing to notice with this update is its new look. The new Facebook Pages experience makes it easy to navigate your personal and public pages according to the company. The company claims to now offer a “cleaner, more streamlined look and feel than before”.

One of the fundamental changes Facebook has made is the new news feed for custom pages. This page allows moderators to “discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and interact with fans”. Public page comments will also be directed to the top of the Comments section to make it more visible.

Facebook also sought to simplify the format for tracking a page’s audience. They ditched the like system in favor of followers to give pages a single metric to better understand the size and shape of their audience.

The new redesign also appears to come with a handful of page management tools. This includes the ability to set permissions for administrators regarding actions they can take on the page. You can now grant specific access to tasks such as statistics, ads, content, community activity, and messages.

Overall, this appears to be a nifty redesign that gives pages a bit more agency and additional options when using the platform. Facebook hopes this will make it more engaging with the companies on the platform, but only time will tell.

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