Explanation: Why is the injured Ravindra Jadeja a big blow to India before Brisbane’s test?

The Indian team was devastated by injuries. Providing with a dislocation of the left thumb Ravindra Jadeja Horse de fight for the final decisive test in Brisbane, and the injury cloud hangs over Hanuma Vihari, Ravichandran Ashwin Jasperit Bumrah, managing the Indian team, has limited options.

How many players are injured?

The list swelled to nine. Esshant Sharma (Lateral strain), Muhammad al-Shami (Broken arm) Umesh Yadav (Calf muscle) Jadeja (dislocation of the left thumb) Hanuma Vihari (hamstrings), Rishabh pant (Bruises in the left arm), Ashwin (bad back), Jaspert Bomrah (straining in the abdomen) and Kuala Lumpur Rahul (Sprained wrist).

Why is Jadeja’s injury a big hit?

It completely upsets the balance. Jadeja is the only real player on the Indian team and his presence has allowed the team management to go with five specialist bowlers. But BCCI confirmed Southpaw is excluded from final testing.

The team management had enough confidence in Jadeja as a hitter, which he cleared in the second Test in Melbourne, where he scored 57 points in the first rounds and had a partnership with the captain. Ajinkya rahane. Also, over the past three years, Jadeja has averaged a North Test hit of 55 in 16 matches. His presence allowed the team to have a suitable hitter at No. 7 apart from his left hand. India has no reciprocal substitute for Jadega. A specialist batsman or professional bowler will have to be chosen as a forced substitute, to the detriment of the team’s balance.

Who could be a Jadeja replacement?

Kuldeep Yadav is on the team and his left arms can add variety. Then again, Gabba boasts the fastest stadium in Australia at the moment, and there is a school of thought that going with two spinners on the roof, expected to be custom-built for the Baker, would be a luxury. However, former India captain Dilip Vengarkar, who also served as the country’s chief of selection, feels that playing Kuldeep while he rotates a wrist, “wouldn’t be a bad idea” because “the extra bounce would help him.”

Is a questionable pomera for the final test?

According to sources, the fast shooter is not certain. He is seen holding his stomach during the second rounds of Australia in Sydney. It’s known that he’s expected to update his fitness within a day or two. In the event that Bumrah does not attend in Brisbane, fast bowling options in India will be limited to Mohammed Serag (Two tests), Navdeep saini (Single test), Shardul Thakur (single test) and T Natarajan (not yet tested first).

Who has the advantage if he missed a boomer?

Sarraj would have to lead the swift attack in this situation. Saini was a bit erratic on his first test, but he had four wickets in the match and is expected to hold his place. So if Bumrah didn’t fit, that would be a throw between Thakur and Natarajan.

Thakur made his first test against the West Indies in October 2018. It remains his only test so far. The 29-year-old is a native cricketer with 206 wickets from 62 first-class matches. Can swing the ball in both directions at a suitable pace; About 135 km / h. Also, Thakur is a low-ranking hitter.

Natarajan is, once again, going to be an emotional favorite, given the hardships he encountered while growing up. I made smooth progress in the international white ball players. However, in regards to red ball cricket, Natarajan is still an unknown number. First of all, his career is still a top tier in its formative stage with only 20 games so far. It thrives on yorkers and slow deliveries in shorter formats, but as state team coach (Tamil Nadu) Diwakar Vasu said for this paper, Natarajan “needs to swing the ball” in Test cricket.

Despite this, Vengsarkar voted for Natarajan. “Tailoring the left arm, bowling over the wicket and creating the angle would be different. Three quick right arm players sometimes could become a one-dimensional boy,” he said Indian Express.

Is Ashwin also uncertain?

Ashwin is not someone who easily throws a towel away. He played through pain during 128 unforgettable 39 balls outside the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Monday. People did not know about his back injury until after Ashwin Braithi’s wife posted a tweet, indicating the injury, at the end of the third test.

It is learned that the Indian team management hopes Ashwin will play in Brisbane. He’s been bowling beautifully in the Continuous Series, representing 12 wickets in three Tests at 28.83. Eliminated, Kuldeep remains the only spin option. A four-speed attack (if a pomrah fit) with three fast starters can be risky.

Who could be Vihari’s replacement?

Vihari barely moved between wickets during his 161 ball harvest in the SCG. His chances don’t look so bright, as he will begin his final exam in three days.

India’s reserve seat in Australia now only has two suitable batsmen – Mayank Agarwal And the Prithvi Show. They are both openers. However, the team has a reliable opening pair Rohit Sharma The Shopman Gil. Rohit, who was originally a mid-rank hitter in the tallest figure, deftly modified himself at the top. His average at opening turns is 79.25, including two and a hundred centuries. In Sydney, after returning from absence due to injury, he started in the first rounds and scored half a century in the second. Its hitting location is unlikely to be changed.

This leaves the team management to try Agarwal in the middle ranking, but Vengsarkar does not support the idea. “It is difficult for a specialist opening player to hit the middle standings. The former India captain said,“ The mentality is different, so is the approach, and the adjustment is difficult at such a short notice, ”adding that Pant plays as a specialist batsman and Saha maintains a wicket can Be an option.

Saha can hit either 6th or 7th place if he plays. The 36-year-old is three centuries old and in his fifties test cricket, but his contrast with the bat remains a concern. The team management would have to make a call on whether she’d be okay with a poor lower ranking.

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Can India afford five players?

This is the biggest question. With Jadeja available, it was an easy decision to have five players without affecting the team’s balance. Despite this, Vengsarkar still believes India should go with five men. “The problem with four bowlers is that if someone is injured during the game, the number of players is reduced to only three specialist players. Any injury is unfortunate and Jadeja will be absent. But there is no point in thinking about it. You have to choose a winning combination of the available options and I’m sure.” “That the team also thinks that way. Going with five bowlers has served the team well.”

On the face of it, if five bowlers played, the set could be three balls and two sets, with Kuldeep returning to the test fold more than two years later.

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