everything you need to know about the European recovery plan

To face the magnitude of the Covid-19 crisis, the European Commission has adopted a historic recovery plan of 750,000 million euros. But not this sum it is only expected to be disbursed by 2023. In fact, there are still several political, legislative and administrative measures that need to be taken before Member States receive these funds. But what does this sum include?

First there 390 billion euros in pure subsidies, the rest are loans at attractive rates. Italy, strongly affected by the crisis, will thus receive more than 80,000 million euros in subsidies. It will be half less for France. Each country can thus have an endowment that depends in particular on its population, its GDP per capita and its unemployment rate. before the start of the pandemic.

As for how this money should be spent, it is again very clear: 37% of the funds received must go to the energy transition and the environment, 20% to digitization and the rest of the expenditure must be precisely justified before the Commission.

But so much money, paradoxically, is not so easy to spend. In particular, many projects need to be identified. We have already noticed this difficulty with the structural funds (the money distributed by Brussels that helps reduce inequalities between member countries).

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