Everything about Kasha and her virtues.

Whether it’s a fad or a necessity, the gluten-free diet is becoming increasingly fashionable. In recent years, wheat has been forgotten in favor of gluten-free legumes. Beans, lentils, peas, lima beans are in the spotlight. However, these products have strong competition: the Kasha. Highly digestible, rich in flavor, and packed with essential nutrients, kasha has become a favorite with gluten enthusiasts. It is a guest on many European and Asian dishes. Focus on this seed that has not finished talking about it.

What is kasha?

Behind the exotic word “kasha” are hulled and roasted buckwheat seeds. Native to Asia, their plant now grows all over the world. This one is recognizable by its heart-shaped leaves. Its fruits give a single brown seed that, peeled and toasted, gives kasha.

Kasha is also called “buckwheat”. However, it is not a cereal. Rather, it is part of the family of polygonaceae such as rhubarb and sorrel. Therefore, it does not contain gluten and is very suitable for a gluten-free diet.

What are the benefits of kasha?

Kasha is a golden food. In fact, it is very nutritious. It is a good source of protein, amino acids, and B vitamins. shredded buckwheat it is also rich in potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Beyond its nutritional qualities, kasha is beneficial for health. Let’s examine the buckwheat benefits.

Ultra digestible

Gluten free, kasha is easy to digest. That makes buckwheat flourIt is an excellent alternative to wheat flour. Its high fiber content helps improve intestinal transit. In addition, its high concentration of antioxidants gives it a detoxifying action. In this way, it helps to eliminate toxins from the intestine and cleanse the body.

Strong antioxidant capacity

Kasha contains routine that gives it vasoprotective properties. This antioxidant from the flavonoid family is known to strengthen blood vessels which become more resistant. Kasha thus improves blood circulation, helps fight bad cholesterol and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases and varicose veins.

Vegetarian ally

High in vegetable protein (13 g per 100 g), kasha is an excellent alternative to red meat. It is an ingredient of choice in vegetarian and vegan recipes.

A natural appetite suppressant.

Because the toasted buckwheat contains a maximum of water soluble fibers, promotes satiety. These fibers form a gel in the digestive tract, reducing fat absorption and slowing the digestion of carbohydrates. In this way, they slow down the rise in blood sugar. A low glycemic index prevents the pancreas from producing too much insulin, which is responsible for cravings and therefore weight gain.

furthermore, the buckwheat kasha it is low in calories. With 377 kcal per 100 g, it is an advantageous substitute for rice, pasta and potatoes in your meals.

Kasha: how to eat buckwheat seeds?

the Kasha it is eaten raw and cooked. With its small nutty flavor, it can be enjoyed as a breakfast with muesli. For a crunchy effect, it is excellent seasoned in a salad of raw vegetables, fruits, a compote, a gratin or a cake.

Grilled ground buckwheat is used as breadcrumbs for frying meat and fish. Its minced version is perfect for filling vegetables or accompanying pasta. TO cook buckwheat prolonged will turn the kasha into a porridge that can be incorporated into the apparatus of a gratin or quiche.

the kasha seed it can also be used as a drink. Infusing a tablespoon of buckwheat kasha in a cup of boiling water, we get a traditional Japanese drink: Sobacha. Detoxifying, sobacha is drunk before a meal to boost immunity. This infusion based on buckwheat seed it has the advantage of not containing caffeine. However, it has the same virtues as green tea.

How to cook buckwheat?

the cook buckwheat it can be done with the pilaf method. Here kasha kitchen is done in a jiffy, because it is enough to pour a volume of buckwheat seed in 1.5 times the volume of boiling water. Buckwheat cooking time takes approximately two to three minutes.

Roasted buckwheat is also perfect in a kasha recipe risotto style. East buckwheat recipe consists of bringing back the buckwheat seeds and chopped onions in a little oil. Deglaze with white wine before adding vegetable broth to do this. buckwheat recipe even more delicious.

Other buckwheat seeds recipe What you can make: A large kasha pancake with vegetables. To prepare it, sauté carrots, diced onion and chopped leek with olive oil. Then add water to the pan and let cook buckwheat with the vegetables until the water runs out. During the time of cook buckwheat, mix the flour, cheese, eggs, milk, oatmeal and pumpkin seeds in a bowl. Add these ingredients to the skillet, then transfer the entire preparation to a baking dish. Put it in the oven for a buckwheat cook time 20 minutes.

You can also mix toasted buckwheat seeds with cheese, egg and tomatoes and we put it in the oven to make vegetable fillets. For this buckwheat seeds recipe, the buckwheat cook time wire shelf it takes about 30 minutes.

Finally, the shelled buckwheat it can be served in soup or stew. Its heating properties make this kasha recipe the star of winter dishes in Eastern Europe.

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