Epic unintentionally reveals its Fortnite Winter Trials with rewards and tournaments

It doesn’t happen every day that Epic accidentally leaks its own comer It is an electronic game Plans, but that’s exactly what happened. Fans noticed that Epic published – and then quickly deleted – a webpage for an event called It is an electronic game Winter Trials, including details about the Celebrity Banners Championship, rewards, and more.

It appears that Epic did not intend to publish the It is an electronic game Winter Trials webpage as evidenced by the fact that they have been removed soon. However, this deletion did not happen fast enough, and HYPEX was able to capture a video of the full page before removing it.

It looks like the upcoming event will include some new winter-themed skins, including a scary version of Crackshot. Additionally, players will be able to earn some Winter Trials badges quickly by logging into their Epic Account and playing games. It is an electronic game For 20 minutes, team support.

Based on the leaked page, it appears that team support is pointing to the banners that were tapped to participate in the Winter Trials. Badges will allow players to get rewards, including a new weapon wrap and what appears to be a new emoji, as well as a unique graphic design.

There are a total of 12 rewards listed on the page, the three above are shown while the rest are hidden. As for tournament, the “Influencer Leaderboard” listed on the Winter Trials page lists the signs Nick Eh 30, SypherPK, Nate Hill, EMADGG, and 72 Hours.

Supporting a team will include clicking the Like button next to the team name on the leaderboard. Players will also vote for the next challenge in Trials, whose options include solo missions such as The Mercenary, The Bounty Hunter, and The Pacifist.

As for dates, the leaked page shows the individual and team challenges taking place on January 26th, 27th, 29th and 30th. Meanwhile, the collective tournaments are listed January 25 (today) as the start date, so it appears that these details may not be the case. Completely accurate. We’ll know for sure once Epic officially announces the event.

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