Environmental groups file a complaint against Chevron’s “misleading” green claims.

Three environmental groups, including Greenpeace, filed a complaint against Chevron with US regulators yesterday targeting what they said were misleading claims about green policy.

“The complaint alleges that Chevron constantly distorts its image to appear climate-friendly and geared toward racial justice, while its business operations rely heavily on climate-polluting fossil fuels, which disproportionately harm communities of color,” the groups said.

The measure is the first to use the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) “green evidence” as the basis for a complaint against “green washing” by the fossil fuel company that they say is “misleading consumers about the climate and environmental impact of its operations”.

Greenpeace, Global Witness and EarthWorks called for “removing these misleading marketing allegations, publishing corrective data, and assessing appropriate relief in accordance with the law.”

The complaint says Chevron, which groups say is the world’s most polluting company, spends less than 0.2% of capital expenditures on renewable energy while claiming to be producing “cleaner than ever” energy and skewing the benefits of bio-methane, among other charges.

Green Evidence from the Federal Trade Commission outlines principles for environmental marketing claims to avoid deceiving consumers.

Chevron denied the allegations, calling them “trivial”.

“We are engaging in honest talks about the energy transition. We believe that the future of energy is carbon reduction and we are working to help the world achieve this goal,” the company said in a statement.

The oil giant said it is investing more than US $ 3 billion through 2028 to boost the energy transition, and supports “well-designed carbon pricing policies.”

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