emotion in Belgium after the suicide of a young hairdresser

It is a drama that touches the whole of Belgium. On Monday, November 16, Alysson Jadin, a 24-year-old Belgian who had just opened his barber shop in Liège, was found dead. For her relatives, she could not bear be considered “nonessential” by the government and committed suicide. A drama that has become a symbol of the anguish of the pandemic.

The young woman was found dead without leaving a written explanation, according to the first available elements. But in his entourage, everyone made the link between health measures and his desperate gesture, in a country badly hit by the coronavirus and forced into a second confinement.

Asked on Thursday in Parliament, the Prime Minister spoke of “a person who wanted to start his business with great ambition, full of hope” and “you faced a situation that was not your fault“This drama.”it touched us all enormously“It is clear that the human and psychological impact of the second wave (of the pandemic) is greater,” admitted the Prime Minister.

An “Alysson background”

Unemployed hairdresser Alysson Jadin started her business in early August, and would not have supported the closure imposed as part of the second lockdown three weeks ago. Serge Schoonbroodt, Alysson’s client and friend, says the latter had told him to worry about the confinement during their last meeting. “When Alysson contacted the services that were supposed to help her, they told him it was not essential… non-essential activity, “he told AFP.

“It was necessary to justify social security payments compared to the previous year, which obviously did not have,” continues the one who now wants to create. an “Alysson background” to help the financially strangled independents. In front of Alysson’s store, tributes have multiplied during the week. Bouquets of flowers are stacked in front of the window.

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