emergence of mosquito “tornadoes”

The show is terrifying but also terrifying. TO mosquito tornado appeared on Monday February 22 in Pinamar, in Argentina.

The scene, although harmless, was filmed by several motorists. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,” said a city resident after attending the show. The Argentine authorities wanted to reassure the population: the species of mosquitoes that invaded the region It is safe. It is a slow species and incapable of transmitting dengue.

This spectacle is due to a column of hot air, formed by the conjunction between the high temperatures of the country and quite strong winds. The thousands of mosquitoes, sucked into the column, shaped the tornado, relay the HuffPost.

In recent days, Argentina is in the middle of a heat wavealong with heavy rain. The humidity thus generated attracts thousands of mosquitoes to the Atlantic coast. Cooling temperatures for the next several days should reduce the number of insects in the area.

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