Elon Musk is again the richest person in the world

Elon Musk beats Jeff Bezos from Amazon for the second time this year. (AFP photo)

New York: Elon Musk is back on top.

The Tesla Inc CEO’s fortune soared to $ 199.9 billion after his rocket company completed another round of financing, which put him at the top of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index for the second time this year. Inc’s Jeff Bezos, who briefly regained the title as the world’s richest person, this week after Tesla shares plunged and Musk’s net worth dipped. Bezos is valued at $ 194.2 billion.

SpaceX raised another $ 850 million this month from a group of investors led by Sequoia Capital.

The tour valued the company at $ 74 billion, up 60% from August, and helped boost Musk’s net worth by nearly $ 11 billion, according to the index.

Also this week, Mask invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to a conversation on Clubhouse, the social media app. A Kremlin spokesman said Putin does not use social media, but added that the invitation was “without doubt very interesting”.

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