EBay Pokemon and Magic card scanner seem to work easily

A new tool for eBay card sellers was revealed to be released in April 2021. Using what eBay calls “computer vision technology,” the eBay Scanning Tool will allow users to take pictures of their trading cards and allow their devices to instantly recognize the card they are scanning. This should help simplify the entire process of selling the card to the average user.

The scanning tool is found in the standard eBay app for both iOS and Android. When the user starts a list for an item, the app gives the user the option to “tap to search with the camera”. This system will recognize Magic: The Gathering Cards when it launches in April. Other types of collectible cards will be added later in 2021.

Starting in May 2021, the eBay scanning tool will add Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Later this year, the tool will add sports trading cards and “other team card games”.

The system was added after the eBay team saw “unparalleled demand for trading cards over the past year”. “Our new listing feature will not only create a faster and more convenient experience for sellers, but it will also provide a more robust trading card inventory for shoppers – all while ensuring that the information in the card listings is more accurate,” said Per Nicole Colombo, Head of Trading Cards & Holdings at eBay. .

Above you will see the eBay card scan tool running. It looks like it will match your scan with a card in the Cards library more easily. This year’s updates also refer to the “eBay Standard Envelope” which allows users to print posters and ship raw trading cards (at $ 20 or less, and weighing up to 3 ounces.) In an envelope with tracking for less than a dollar. ”

Peek at the eBay app starting in April (anytime now) to see if Magic: The Gathering scanning is ready to go. We’ll see Pokemon CCG and others added soon.

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