EA Play joins Xbox Game Pass for PC this week: What you need to know

Back in November, Microsoft began bundling EA Play – a subscription service from Electronic Arts – with the Xbox Game Pass. It was a very big win for Game Pass subscribers, that a large number of EA’s published games added to the service. There was only one problem with the November launch: EA Play was initially available only to console Game Pass subscribers, while PC gamers had to wait.

Fast forward a few months later and Microsoft and EA are looking to bridge that gap between the console and PC versions of Game Pass. Microsoft today announced that EA Play will be available in Xbox Game Pass on PC starting tomorrow, March 18. EA Play will begin releasing Game Pass on PC at 2 PM PDT / 5 PM EST, so these EA games should be ready to go when most of the people here in the US get home from work tomorrow.

When EA Play launches, Microsoft says more than 60 EA games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass. Anyone with a subscription to the Xbox Game Pass standalone edition for PC or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – which combines console and PC versions of Game Pass with an Xbox Live Gold subscription – will be able to download and play these games immediately after they air. .

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also get some perks inside the EA Play app on their PC, as they technically get a subscription to the EA service as well. There are in-game rewards to grab for different EA games every month, and EA also offers discounts on its games to EA Play subscribers as well. It’s worth noting that EA Play is also giving away 10-hour trial offers for new and upcoming games, so you can play that to take new EA games with an extended trial before you buy.

Bear in mind that as EA Play launches the Xbox Game Pass tomorrow, it will launch alongside it Star Wars: Swarms. This is the latest release from EA star Wars The game, although somewhat narrow in focus, is still a very good space combat game worth checking out for anyone star Wars Admirer. You can find instructions on how to take advantage of EA Play with your Game Pass subscription in the video above, but other than that, find these EA games to drop by tomorrow.

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