Dright electric flea comb for dogs, cat comb, pet comb for ticks and fleas | Electric Flea Lice Removal Comb Flea Killer Control Device Great Doctor of Dogs Cats Pet Grooming Supplies

price: 999.00 S.R 399.00 Indian Rupees
(As of January 27, 2021 11:20:59 UT – details)

Free of chemicals and pesticides: a natural lice remedy for the whole family. V-Comb is a natural FDA-registered lice comb that instantly discharges head lice and eggs (nits).
Electric fella comb: Our flea comb emits a slight electrical charge that kills fleas without disturbing your pet. A slight electrical charge kills fleas without disturbing your pet. The device does not require any maintenance.
Soft & Gentle on Scalp: Round stainless steel teeth with adjustable comb angles plus an ergonomically designed electronic head lice comb.
SOUNDLESS: Completely silent Once the batteries are inserted and the button turned on, take the device close to your ear to hear a low-pitched beep

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