Don’t fall into the trap of the fake Far Cry 6 demo scam Ubisoft warns

There might be a great deal of excitement behind you Far Cry 6But Ubisoft warns people not to fall into its trap today. Apparently, promising legitimate-looking emails are being sent Far Cry 6 Beta access. However, according to Ubisoft, these emails are not the real deal and whoever receives them should ignore them.

Ubisoft confirmed that the emails related to Far Cry 6 A fake beta in response to another user called theRadBrad, who explains that it’s easy to get fooled by the emails involved. TheRadBrad said: “Just an alert to all the content creators, there is an email from the official Ubisoft address claiming access to the beta Far Cry 6. It even contains blocking with a private password to access it. The virus monitors your screen and records everything you do. Be safe. ”

Ubisoft confirmed in its response that the emails were indeed illegal and attempted phishing. Ubisoft asks followers not to respond to these emails or any other messages that may claim Far Cry 6 Beta or early access.

This is definitely not the first time we’ve seen phishing scams like this center around granting early access to unreleased games. While phishing has targeted everyone in the past, this particular scam appears to have targeted banners and YouTubers, and it appears to be more legitimate by detailing the date of the ban and providing access to what appears to be a fake PR site.

So, creator or not, if you receive an email ad Far Cry 6 Trial version access, do not click nor respond to any embedded links within it. Ubisoft appears to have no plans to run the Far Cry 6 For now, and if that happens, we will likely hear about it through Ubisoft’s official social media accounts first.

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