Don’t believe the Halo Infinite battle royale rumors you’ve been hearing

Yesterday, a new rumor about Infinite aura Trading started. Specifically, this rumor claimed that Infinite aura It will have a battle royale mode when it launches at an unknown point in the future, which is somewhat believable given how popular the Battle Royale games are. Unfortunately, those who were hoping to get in Hello– The battle royale royale should continue to be hopeful, because apparently it didn’t happen Infinite aura.

That, at least, is what led us to believe a certain tweet from Brian Garard, who is the director of 343 Industries Community. “Nothing gets on a new Monday after the holiday is completely unfounded Infinite aura Rumors, “Gardard wrote. As he stops saying that the Battle Royale will not be there Infinite aura, The tone of his tweet definitely makes the point.

This isn’t the first time that rumors claim a Battle Royale will enter Infinite aura. Two years ago, when Battle Royale was one of the most popular things on the planet, we heard similar rumors and received a similar rejection from 343 Industries. It’s almost as if a battle royale was running Infinite auraWe’ve heard about it on some official level yet.

Originally scheduled to launch alongside Xbox Series X in November, Infinite aura She was late after her big gameplay revealed that she missed the mark with fans. We do not have a new release date for Infinite auraUnfortunately, for fans who are eager to update the game, it will not be presented at The Game Awards next week as many had hoped.

Progress report on Infinite aura It might not be too far away, as Gardard said in a subsequent tweet that the 343 is working on a year-end update. So, fingers crossed it wasn’t long before we heard more about her Infinite auraJust don’t expect to see a royale battle revelation with this update.

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