Donald Trump is still almighty on the Republican side

Sunday night in Orlando was Donald Trump’s first public appearance since leaving the White House, during the great annual conference of the Republican Party, CPAC. It has been around since 1974, Ronald Reagan gave the first introductory speech. The idea is to discuss the issues of the moment, this year there were many round tables on China. and on the electoral flight, the harmful role of the media, etc.

Traditionally, it is also an opportunity to see who is the strong man of the moment. The tendency to designate the future champion in the race for the White House. There was not much of a surprise. It usually takes place in Maryland near Washington, but this year because of the epidemic. there was no authorization. So the organizers turned to Orlando because in Florida we are much less careful with health rules.

So it was Donald Trump’s big comeback and he hasn’t changed since he left the White House. In any case, in a meeting it is the same. It was about the same topics that were heard at their meeting in Georgia in early January. The difference is that he is now in opposition. Of course he criticized Joe Biden, it is the opposition game, saying it was the worst start in the history of American presidents. And at the end of his sentence he adds: “no, but it’s true.”

Full control over the Republican Party

He stated that at this time, the air has never been so pure and the water has never been so clean and that the Paris climate agreement was not really worth re-entering. Afterward, Donald Trump is just as comfortable on the podium. He spoke for almost an hour and a half. And his followers are still conquered. So much to tell you that apart from Donald Trump, there was no other republican leader.

Here’s the lesson from this conference: The attack on the Capitol was thought to have weakened it, but Donald Trump has full control over the Republican Party. Also, his opponents they were not invited or did not want to come. Even former Vice President Mike Pence was not there. We know Trump is mad at him for not having followed him to the end in his challenge to the elections. And the Republicans who voted for his impeachment, of course, were not invited.

Candidate for 2024?

In fact, the other Republican leaders are totally paralyzed. They cannot oppose Donald Trump, because he has the unwavering support of the Republican base, or rather conservative. Because more and more they call themselves conservatives and no longer Republicans, that is to say, to the right of the party.

Regarding his candidacy for 2024, it was too early for him to say. But Donald Trump had a formula for leaving the door open: “Who knows if he would not beat them again for the third time?” “The”, that is, the Democrats. Why a third time? Because you think the last election you won. And it will never move.

There is still a long way to go before a new electoral campaign. On the road, there will be some legal hurdles in particular.

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