Diablo II: Resurrected will support old original game saves

Blizzard has just dropped somewhat surprising details about its recent announcement Diablo II: The Resurrection Remastered game: You’ll be able to import decades-old saves from the original title, letting you continue where you left off. the original Diablo II The game was released in June 2000 and now has the honor of being a cult classic.

As you’d expect from a redesigned title, Diablo II: The Resurrection Provides support for the latest in addition to PC consoles, with 4K resolution, updated graphics, and more. The game is expected to be released by December 2021, but can be pre-ordered now for $ 39.99 (standard) and $ 59.99 (Prime Evil Collection).

In the end, fans are promised a game they fell in love with 20 years ago, but with the shiny touches and mods necessary to make it a better version of an already great game. This effort was recently detailed by game producer and game designer Matthew Cederquist and Andre Abrahamian at Interview With IGN Middle East.

As expected, players will be able to cross-save the game so they can enjoy the experience across all of their supported devices – however, cross-play won’t be a thing, at least not at all. As a final question in the interview, the duo were asked if players would be able to import their original game save files.

“and he!” Matthew said, “Yeah, keep this one!” He went on to explain that the team behind the remastered title wondered if the original game’s save files would work, “And we paid it off and it worked!” Support covers single player local original game save files.

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