devastating mice devastate the east of the country

It is a veritable scourge that is spreading across eastern Australia, to the point where farmers are sounding alarms in front of the proliferation and ravages of mice in the region. Rodents ravage crops, but they are also widely found in homes, provoking horrific reactions on social media.

In videos filmed by the Moeris family, who live in Gilgandra, a city a five-hour drive northwest of Sydney, thousands of mice scurry between tubes, machines. Quant aux agriculteurs de l’État de Nouvelle-Galles du Sud, who noticed a “hausse spectaculaire” de ces nuisibles, ils rapportent qu’ils grouillent dans les silos à grains et dans les granges des maisons, rapporte l’association de cette profession.

The exceptional use of a pesticide?

These images immediately sparked terrifying reactions on social media. “This is exactly what a nightmare looks like. I can’t even watch the videos”, A person reacts on Facebook, after seeing the video of Melanie Moeris.

Experts say the invasion is due to unusually heavy summer rains in eastern Australia after years of drought. The farmers They fear that their harvest will be compromised by these little rodents. with gray coat. Therefore, they asked the government to urgently authorize the use of a zinc phosphide-based pesticide to eradicate this undesirable population as quickly as possible.

“It’s only getting worse,” lamented New South Wales Farmers President James Jackson, who said he had received reports of increasing damage across the state. “The fight against mice is very expensive. The severity of this pest has made it necessary to use multiple baits in agricultural areas,” he said.

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