Derek Chauvin’s defense undermined by multiple testimonies

A day of hearing on Monday in Minneapolis, during the George Floyd death trial that entered the second week of hearings. A week in which the stake is to prove whether former cop Derek Chauvin followed the rules. And of course not, according to a testimony that was eagerly awaited, that of Derek Chauvin’s former leader, Medaria Arradondo.

Medaria Arradondo, 54, is the first black cop to lead law enforcement in Minneapolis. Immediately after the fact, had criticized the intervention of Derek Chauvin and his colleagues. Everyone who saw the trial wondered how a year later, in hindsight, he was going to define what he saw in the videos for nine and a half minutes.

Very calm, a calm voice, a slow but not wavering flow, Medaria Arradondo, in uniform, was clear: she felt that in the first seconds, the use of force could possibly be justified. But once George Floyd stopped resisting and especially once he visibly lost consciousness, plus when he was handcuffed behind his back … He should have stopped. A regulatory and moral burden since it added that Derek Chauvin had broken the rules and values ​​of the police..

How can this testimony be a turning point?

We were expecting, broadly speaking, these words, as Derek Chauvin was quickly fired after George Floyd’s death. An arrest that had also qualified as murder. but he did not use this qualifier in court.

Is testimony is essential for two reasons : It is very rare during this type of trial that a police officer is fired by his superiors. And, in addition, he was precise: he indicated that Derek Chauvin should have reassessed George Floyd’s state of health and stressed that the use of force, of legitimate violence by the police, must be graduated. That is, reserved for crime. And the use of a counterfeit bill does not fall into this category.

This testimony is fundamental for what Medaria Arradondo represents. The jurors are citizens of Minneapolis and to them symbolizes authority.. It will count, but let’s remember: for Derek Chauvin to be convicted there must be unanimity. In other words, all 12 members of the jury must agree.

An arrest technique not taught

The trial is accelerated because there has been two other very important testimonials. Starting with Katy Blackwell, former director of the Minneapolis Police Academy. He was asked to comment on a photo of Derek Chauvin, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck. Here is his comment: “I don’t know what kind of position he improvised, but it’s not something we teach.”. A testimony that undermines the chauvinist defense of Derek, one of whose axes is to say that he followed the rules and what he was taught.

Another argument for the policeman’s defense: George Floyd died of an overdose, after absorbing a powerful opiate. The ER doctor who noticed her death considered suffocation to be the most likely clause of her death.. An aspect that will be studied again this Tuesday. In any case, yesterday was a bad day for Derek Chauvin’s lawyer, who had his strategy altered. But the trial is far from over: it will be held until the end of the month.

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