death of a policeman injured during the clashes

The authorities announced it on Thursday, January 7. Police officer succumbed to injuries received during clashes with supporters of President Donald Trump during his intrusion on Capitol Hill in Washington on Wednesday, January 6.

According to the Capitol Police, Agent Brian Sicknick “He was deployed in the clashes on the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021 and was injured during physical contact with the protesters.” In the statement, it is written “that he returned to his rooms and collapsed. He was taken to the local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries Thursday night. “ Brian Sicknick had worked for this police service for 12 years.

During these incidents four protesters died, including a woman hit by a bullet fired by the police. As for the other three deaths, the circumstances have not yet been clarified.

The images will mark history

The certification of Joe Biden’s victory by the two houses of Congress meeting in extraordinary session became “insurgency” in the words of Joe Biden, when a crowd of Donald Trump supporters invaded the capitol forcing to interrupt the debates.

The images taken inside the Capitol will mark history. We see elected officials in gas masks, plainclothes policemen equipped with guns, and protesters in parliamentarians’ offices. Around the world, these scenes aroused consternation and outrage. The image of the United States, which positions itself as a democratic model, has been damaged for a long time.

Donald Trump denounces “a heinous attack”

Steven Sund, the Capitol Police Chief, He resigned after receiving much criticism for his lack of anticipation. In the wake of this day of chaos Donald Trump, launched a rare call for “reconciliation” and condemns “a heinous attack” against the Capitol. In a video, the outgoing president said he was “outraged by the violence” committed by a few hundred of his supporters.

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